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What are functions of needle detector?

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Detect ferromagnetic metal

Needle detector is able to see whether the needle or other scrap iron is left in the finished products and whether finished products are inspected.

During detection, it can also correctly record the number of finished products.

Principle: the equipment works when subject cuts photoelectric induction. Photoelectric switch is installed 6mm high on both sides of the belt. If the subject is lower than photoelectric switch, the equipment will not identify it. That’s to say, the needle detector will not work. Even supposed a 2mm-high scrap iron is put on the belt, the equipment will not detect it. When the subject is thick enough, the detector can sense it no matter where the iron is in the subject. In this situation, the needle detector can work.

Needle detector is mainly applied to detect the broken needle or the ferrous metal in the garment, plush toy, suitcase, bag, food, pharmacy so as to ensure safety.(For non-ferromagnetic metal, the full-metal detector should be used.)

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